26 April 2008


it was sunny and warm, and there was no wind.

I had about an hour to kill, and this was the only place I could think of to go...

Paying attention

The cemetery. Not nearly so morbid as you might think...

25 April 2008

Life's a beach

Even though summer has slipped away, the beach is still a stunning place to be, especially on days like today!

State of readiness

More precautions, more care, more wetsuit, but it's still beach life.

Ready, set...

Urban sailor

23 April 2008

Gallileo had it coming

Time, as they say, marches on...

Gallileo had it coming

This is a night shot,believe it or not. I couldn't see much at all.

Grossly overexposed, with the RAW pushed well beyond sane limits... I decided I liked it...

Don't get used to it, though. :-)