14 August 2010

I <3 this toast

I , originally uploaded by A Different Perspective.

Some things are dangerous. And some of those things are worth it!

05 August 2010

Encryption just for you

You’ve probably heard the story about the paranoid king. The king was sitting, looking at his meal, after having had a slave or two test it to ensure it didn’t contain any poison. The king takes another look, shakes his head, and mutters to himself – “I know I’m paranoid… but am I paranoid enough?”

Truecrypt is a practical implementation of paranoia for your PC, and Version 7 has an even bigger stash of goodies to ease your worries, along with better performance. We’ll use that app today to illustrate how to create an encrypted folder that others can’t explore.

More info here.

01 August 2010

3 x 3

I've been experimenting recently with square images. These particular ones were also all taken with a 300mm lens. It's interesting the options you get by restricting what you can do.

1. Tri harder, 2. Drop the attitude, 3. From the mouths of babes, 4. King of the road, 5. Lap. Over., 6. Yelling yellow, 7. Barriers to entry, 8. Little Nell, 9. Undersight

26 July 2010

Tilting at the breeze

Sometimes faking it is good enough...

You can get some really great effects at this site.

24 July 2010

The calm before

The calm before, originally uploaded by A Different Perspective.

Make the most of the last few moments.


Temptation, originally uploaded by A Different Perspective.

Sometimes you just need to get up early...

26 June 2010

You’ve all been there. You find a great font on an image in a webpage, and you’d love to use the same font for a project of your own but you have no idea which font you’re looking at.

There’s a problem using unusual fonts – as fonts – on webpages. Simply put, if the webpage uses a font that you don’t have, then you won’t be able to see the page as it is intended. The simplest solution to this problem is the one that is used most. Don’t actually use the font.

We’ve all been there. You’re interested in a website or a download, but the site wants your email address before letting you near the goods. You want access, but you’re not quite sure you want it enough to hand over the information.

The site asks you to supply an email address, and follow up with confirmation, and perhaps a login and password. It’s hard to avoid the process or any of the steps, but the part that really annoys me is the need to supply my email address to yet another unknown party.

But what if you could instead supply a temporary email address that was forwarded to your own? And then define either a maximum number of emails to forward, or a maximum period of time for which that would happen? This would stop you from receiving spam email to your regular email account. That’s what the website below do. And do it very nicely.

It's been a little hectic around here... but I finally got the images from Melbourne uploaded. The rest at flickr as usual. Enjoy.

06 May 2010

If you need to keep track of your books, and you don't want to do it alone... well, read on at MakeuseOf... about GoodReads.

Blue blood

Blue blood, originally uploaded by A Different Perspective.

Sometimes, if you get up early enough in the morning...