03 October 2008

Currency conversion

The world sure seems to have changed in the last few months, at least from a financial perspective. It's not good news, but that's no reason not to have some fun with it. In any case, I wanted to see what a black photo might look like in here, and how many excuses does one post need? :-)

Currency conversion

01 September 2008

Not cleaning

We have this thing in New Zealand that my American friends think is peculiar. Okay, not just one thing... But in any case, we start spring on the first of September. I'm told we should wait until the correct day, but we always start on the first.

That was yesterday. So the day before that, I was thinking about how much difference it did, or did not make. I mean the seasons are a mess anyway, right? And then I took the camera, and went outside into our messy garden.


It might not have been spring anywhere else, but it sure was in the garden. I'll be going back there the next time the sun pokes its smiling face out.

Open arms

So with spring, thoughts turn to... no, not that! Renewal, sun, life, warmth... but not cleaning. Nope.

Here's to some nice weather!

21 August 2008


Over the last couple of weeks, I've been intrigued by a few fountains. I think that's good. These aren't new fountains. Nor are they unfamiliar. I just seem to be looking at them differently. Maybe it's the time of the year. Anyway, here are a group of the outputs.

Turtle migration in the rain


End of days

What? I never said they were happy fountain pics. It's winter. :-)

11 August 2008

All this technology...

... but then just when you have it all working properly, you pretend you didn't have it...

A little later

I, for one, rather like the results. More here.

04 August 2008

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Cold hands, warm heart

It's winter... and I have a cold. My daughter has the perfect solution. The weather's crap too, but she can't fix that. :-)

I must get well, get up, get out and DO something with this camera. Roll on summer!

25 July 2008

There is nothing, it seems, more prone to get folk to wishing for the good old days than rampant fuel price increases.


I'm not much for moving backwards... I'd rather just record it.
Most of you won't understand, but...

Splinter group

It's the middle of winter here, and I got to thinking about hot and cold, and how much in a photograph depends on colour. Red, it seemed to me, was the colour that most purely indicated heat... so what could I photograph that contradicted that? Things from the refrigerator, of course!


14 May 2008

I'm not a people photographer, really. I prefer the certainty of urban life, the permanence of architecture, the colour of the city... generally.

But my eldest son came home to visit after travelling the world for a long time. I happened to be attending a photo-portraiture course. It was inevitable, really. :-)

Dark down under

Thanks Dave, and not just for posing!

26 April 2008


it was sunny and warm, and there was no wind.

I had about an hour to kill, and this was the only place I could think of to go...

Paying attention

The cemetery. Not nearly so morbid as you might think...

25 April 2008

Life's a beach

Even though summer has slipped away, the beach is still a stunning place to be, especially on days like today!

State of readiness

More precautions, more care, more wetsuit, but it's still beach life.

Ready, set...

Urban sailor

23 April 2008

Gallileo had it coming

Time, as they say, marches on...

Gallileo had it coming

This is a night shot,believe it or not. I couldn't see much at all.

Grossly overexposed, with the RAW pushed well beyond sane limits... I decided I liked it...

Don't get used to it, though. :-)