01 September 2008

Not cleaning

We have this thing in New Zealand that my American friends think is peculiar. Okay, not just one thing... But in any case, we start spring on the first of September. I'm told we should wait until the correct day, but we always start on the first.

That was yesterday. So the day before that, I was thinking about how much difference it did, or did not make. I mean the seasons are a mess anyway, right? And then I took the camera, and went outside into our messy garden.


It might not have been spring anywhere else, but it sure was in the garden. I'll be going back there the next time the sun pokes its smiling face out.

Open arms

So with spring, thoughts turn to... no, not that! Renewal, sun, life, warmth... but not cleaning. Nope.

Here's to some nice weather!

1 comment:

Katie Weller said...

Ok, the red flower shot? PERFECT. And on this black background? YOWZA! Nicely done, sir.